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Computer Networks I and II

Department of Information Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Science and Technology, UNTL

Semester: 2016 - Semester 1 (Computer Networks I) and Semester 2 (Computer Networks II)

Level: Undergraduate

Location: Main Campus, UNTL

Number of Units: Contact Hours Per Week: 2L 1P

Course-coordinator: Mestre Frederico Soares Cabral

Teaching Assistant: Sr. Roberto Martins and Sr. Fabio Magalhaes

Course plan (a working plan):

-------- Computer Networks I -----------

- OSI & Internet reference models

- Network technologies for Local, Metropolitan & Wide Area Networks

- The Internet protocol suite:

- Link: DSL, Ethernet, 802.11

- Internet: IP and ICMP

The exam paper for the Network Design Project is available here

The Group list is available here

Each group is to submit one report. The report (must be in pdf form) is to be emailed to jose.lay [at] by 10 July 2016.
In the email subject line write: GRUP "X", where "X" is your group ID, for example Group A. Best wishes.


Final Exam 40%
Pracs 25% (Lab, Mestre Frederico)
Quizzes, Assignments, Midterms 25%
Class Participation 10%

------------- Computer Networks II ------------

- Transport Layer:

- Application Layer:

- Mobile Networks

- Quality of service in communication protocols

- Network security and trends in communication networks


Class Participation 5% 

Pracs 20% (Lab, Mestre Frederico)

Quizzes and Midterms 20%

Projects and Assignments 20% 

Final Exam 35%